Jun 5, 2023

2023 SPReSS and PeRCS Programs


The Leong Centre is pleased to support fourteen students from the Social Paediatrics Research Summer Studentship (SPReSS) and Paediatric Research and Clinical Summer (PeRCS) Programs at the University of Toronto. These students will spend the summer engaging in exciting research related to the field of social paediatrics.
Please join us in congratulating the following students!

  • Marium Kwan
    Project: COVID and early childhood development, school and health outcomes. TargetKids
    Supervisor: Dr. Catherine Birken
  • Amrit Brar
    Project: Cohort study of RFs, etiologies of neonatal hypoglycemia related posterior pathological brain injury
    Supervisor: Dr. Emily Tam
  • Eden Har-Gil
    Project: Canadian care structures and processes in Pediatric Rheumatology; access to care
    Supervisor: Dr. Deborah Levy
  • Aleah Kirsh
    Project: Characterization of phenotype and biomarker development of endemic arrythmias and CDMs
    Supervisor: Dr. Robert Hamilton
  • Winnie Yu
    Project: DI in children hospitalized with severe orbital infection
    Supervisor: Dr. Peter Gill
  • Jonathan Fortini
    Project: Clinical characteristics and outcomes of hospitalized children with acute respiratory infection
    Supervisors: Drs. Peter Gill and Shaun Morris
  • Muhammadhasan Nasser
    Project: Steroid treatment and outcome in hospitalized children with croup; LOS and other outcomes
    Supervisor: Dr. Sanjay Mahant
  • Grace Hu
    Project: Predicting clinical outcomes in optic neuritis using VEP and other visual metrics with AI
    Supervisor: Dr. Ann Yeh
  • Shadia Adekunte
    Project: AIS outcomes and lesion volume by neighborhood, to guide equitable allocation of resources to vulnerable population
    Supervisor: Dr. Nomazulu Dlamini
  • Meera Mehta
    Project: eGFR trajectory in adolescents w/ T1D related to SES, ethnicity; SDOH as RF for chronic disease
    Supervisor: Dr. Farid Mahmud
  • Natasha Richmond
    Project: Social media and parenting- needs and impacts for the adolescent parenting population
    Supervisor: Dr. Ashley Vandermorris
  • Serena Perera
    Project: Co-design MFP and determine referral pathways; student subpilot of NNFU clinic families
    Supervisor: Dr. Meta Van Den Heuvel
  • Siddhartha Sood
    Project: Economic impact of Epidermolysis Bullosa - identify sources of economic strain
    Supervisor: Dr. Irene Lara-Corrales
  • Chethana Ellewela
    Project: Outcomes for school age children born premature: the teachers' perspective
    Supervisor: Dr. Rudaina Banihani