Catalyst Grant Winners

2023: “Innovations That Make a Difference” 

Dr. Meta Van den Heuvel
 Paediatric Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children

Co-Investigators: Catherine Birken (SickKids); Linh Ly (SickKids); Francine Buchanan (SickKids); Ashley Danguecan (SickKids); and members of the Medical-Financial-Working Group
Project Title: The Financial Navigator Program – Optimizing Early Child Development by Facilitating Access to Financial Resources in the Neonatal Neuro-Developmental Follow-Up Program

Dr. Indra Narang
Affiliation: Department of Paediatrics, The Hospital for Sick Children
Co-Investigators: Ronald Lui (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Albert Li (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Ting Au (SickKids); Anya McLaren-Barnett (McMaster Children’s Hospital); Tetyana Kendzerska (The Ottawa Hospital); Francine Buchanan (SickKids)
Project Title: Facial Photogrammetry to Predict Obstructive Sleep Apnea in a Diverse Paediatric Population

2022: “Data Impact for Children’s Health and Equity” 

Dr. Barbara Fallon
Affiliation: Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
Co-Investigators: Amber Crowe (Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child and Family Services); Tara Black (Ontario Child Abuse and Neglect Data System)
Project Title: Linking Census and Child Welfare Data to Explore Health and Social Outcomes for First Nations Children and Families. 

Dr. M. Anne Harris
Dr. S Linda Rothman
School of Occupational and Public Health and School of Occupational and Public Health, Toronto Metropolitan University
Project Title: Inequity and the Social and Built Environment Determinants of Child and Adolescent Active Transportation Injuries.

Dr. E Ann Yeh
Affiliation: Senior Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
Co-Investigators: Samantha Stephens (SickKids Research Institute); Paul Yejong (SickKids Research Institute); Teresa To (SickKids Research Institute); Ruth Ann Marie (University of Manitoba); Marcia Finlayson (Queen’s University)
Project Title: Social Determinants of Health and their Relationship with Physical Activity and Health Outcomes in Children and Adolescents with Neuroinflammatory Disorders

Dr. Faraz Vahid Shahidi 
Dr. Anne Fuller
Affiliation: Institute for Work and Health, University of Toronto and Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University
Co-Investigators: Katholiki (Kathy) Georgiades (McMaster University); Jinette Comeau (Western University); Arjumand Siddiqi (University of Toronto); Gita Wahi (McMaster University); Andrew Pinto (University of Toronto)
Project Title: Parental Employment Quality and Child Mental Health: Triangulating Evidence from General Population Surveys

2021: "Engaged Research for Child Health Equity"

Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle
Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health and Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University
Co-Investigators: B. Scott-Kay, A. Shawanda, A. Ataullahajan, JL Wabie, R. Walsh Collaborators: A. Perron, W. Philips, E. Rice, S. Tan, G. Tjong
Project Title: Waaneziyenh wii ni noodjimoowayin (The path that is taken to heal together): Indigenous Parents stories of the Child Welfare System

Dr. Tanya L. Sharpe
Affiliation: Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
Co-Investigators: B. King, A. Bailey, L. McCready, K. Haynes, T. Rose
Project Title: In the Aftermath 

Dr. Samantha Anthony
Mary Beaucage

Affiliation: The Hospital for Sick Children and Anishnaabekwe, Nippising First Nation
Co-Investigators: A. Dart, A. Goldberg, M. Matsuda-Abedini, S. Urschel, M. Weiss;  Collaborators: M. De Angelis, E. Ghent, D. Hartell Patient; Partners: R. Henderson, C. Toulouse
Project Title: Our stories are our strength: Understanding Indigenous patients, families and communities’ lived experiences of pediatric solid organ transplantation

2020: "Child Health and Equity in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Dr. Michal Perlman
Affiliation: Applied Psychology and Human Development, OISE, University of Toronto
Co-Investigators: Jennifer Jenkins (University of Toronto); Michael Baker (University of Toronto); Olesya Falenchuk (University of Toronto)
Project Title: Coping with COVID: A quasi-experimental, longitudinal study of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on low-income children and their families
Awarded in partnership with the Fraser Mustard Policy Bench

Dr. Shazeen Suleman
Paediatrics, St. Michael's Hospital – Unity Health Toronto
Co-Investigators: Ripudaman Minhas (University of Toronto); Jennifer Blunt (Regent Park Community Health Centre); Mark Osler (College-Montrose Children's Place); Clara Juando-Prats (Unity Health Toronto)
Trainees: Tali Filler, University of Toronto; Usamah Mohammed, University of Toronto; Pardeep Kaur, Unity Health Toronto
Project Title: Developing a community-informed intervention to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on families of children with developmental disorders in Toronto's inner-city

Dr. Ashley Vandermorris ​​​​
Affiliation: Adolescent Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children 
Co-Investigators: Stephanie Begun (University of Toronto); Hilary Brown (University of Toronto Scarborough, ICES); Megan Harrison (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario); Britt McKinnon (University of Toronto); Alene Toulany (SickKids, ICES); Jannah Wigle (University of Toronto)
Project Title: Exploring inequities in adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights in Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Catherine Birken
Paediatric Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children
Co-Investigators: Jonathon Maguire (Unity Health Toronto); Jessica Omand (SickKids); Magdalena Janus (McMaster University); Laura Anderson (McMaster University); Barbara Fallon (University of Toronto).
Project Title: Learning models during COVID-19 and school outcomes in children

Dr. Daphne Korczak
Affiliation: Neurosciences & Mental Health, The Hospital for Sick Children
Co-Investigators: Jennifer Crosbie, Evdokia Anagnostou, Catherine Birken, Alice Charach, Suneeta Monga, Katherine Tombeau Cost
Project Title: Real-time monitoring of disaster-related mental health impact of COVID-19 on Canadian children, youth and families: A cross collaboration of community and clinical cohorts
Awarded in partnership with the SickKids Centre for Brain & Mental Health (C-BMH)

Dr. Tricia Williams
Dr. Suneeta Monga
Affiliation: Division of Neurology, The Hospital for Sick Children and Department of Psychiatry, The Hospital for Sick Children
Project Title: Mental health support for SickKids children and families during COVID-19 using established eHealth interventions
Awarded in partnership with the SickKids Centre for Brain & Mental Health (C-BMH)