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Membership Overview 

The Leong Centre membership is a network of individuals involved in health equity research. Although many of our members will be from across the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals and sites, we welcome all members who are in support of our vision and mission. 

Benefits of Membership 

As a member of the Leong Centre, you will be: 

  • Eligible to apply for funding including the annual Catalyst Grant, Student Awards, Training Grants and more
  • Included on the Leong Centre mailing list with updates on all Centre-related news including opportunities for new research collaborations, updates to practice and policy and scientific breakthroughs discovered by our members 
  • Invited to all Leong Centre educational events, seminars and symposiums 
  • Part of a professional network of like-minded researchers with networking opportunities to exchange ideas among members and identify potential collaborators 
  • Invited to present work in progress to an interdisciplinary group
  • Eligible to mentor funded students through the Leong Centre interdisciplinary training award
  • Facilitation of access to research infrastructure  
  • Able to provide input to help shape the funding priorities of the Leong Centre 

Individuals who are not members of the Leong Centre will be able to attend educational events and seminars but may not receive benefits such as notification of upcoming events or early event registration.  

Maintaining Membership 

The expectation of our members is to attend at least one Leong Centre educational event per year. 

Membership Registration Form

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