Leong Centre Studentships

Leong Centre Studentships will provide operational funding for successfully selected trainee projects, where there is no other funding source. One-year of funding is available up to $15,000 for graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows and clinical trainees to be paid one time per project.


  • Applicants must be enrolled at the University of Toronto in one of the following:
    1. A degree granting graduate program;
    2. Post-graduate clinical training in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine; or
    3. Any post-doctoral position
  • Proposed project must be aligned with the Leong Centre goals, with a focus on child/youth health equity.
  • Projects must be feasible to complete in 1 year.
  • Strong research and supervisory track record must be demonstrated by applicant’s and Supervisor’s CV
  • Proposed project must be for work outside of Supervisor’s existing grant funding
  • Salary for trainees is not an eligible expense.

Note: for graduate student applicants, projects do not have to be Thesis work.

How to apply

  • Complete the Leong Centre Studentship Application form
  • Submit 2-page project proposal
  • Submit up to 1-page of references (max) & budget (not included in 2-page proposal limit)
  • Submit proof of academic track record, as follows:
    • Graduate students: Transcript & CV
    • Post-docs & Clinical trainees: Research graduate transcript (if applicable) & CV
  • Complete the Leong Centre Supervisor Application form
  • Submit Supervisor’s CV (can be a biosketch, but all current grants must be listed)
  • Supervisor Letter of Support


Applications will now be accepted in the month of August for September start dates. Please check this web page for updates.


  • Submit a project report at the end of term. The final project report, including key outcomes (e.g., peer-reviewed grant applications and publications), must be submitted within 60 days of the termination of the studentship to: leong.centre@sickkids.ca.
  • Inform the Leong Centre in writing of any publications (including abstracts), media, or measures of impact from the project.
  • Acknowledge the funding support from the Leong Centre in all publications and presentations and use the Centre logo in all presentations, posters, etc.
  • Participate on ongoing engagement with the Leong Centre, including presenting your work at educational events such as Leong Centre Rounds, responding to requests for survey/feedback, etc.
  • Inform the Leong Centre in writing of any successful grants that build upon this work.

Adjudication criteria

Many factors are considered in the evaluation of an application and will be awarded at the discretion of the Leong Centre Co-Directors. Criteria for awarding funding include, but are not limited to:

  • Strength of project proposal and alignment with the goals of the Leong Centre
  • Feasibility
  • Academic track record of applicant and Supervisor